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Conversion of one number system to another might sound daunting, but it is crucial to have a basic understanding of it as a foundation in mathematics and computer science. One common conversion is Decimal to HEX. In this blog post, we’ll take a detailed look into Decimal to HEX conversion, how it works and how to do it. 


Understanding Decimal and HEX

Decimal is a base 10 number system used universally. It consists of ten digits 0 to 9, and every digit has a different place value that decreases by factors of 10. 
HEX, also called Hexadecimal, is a base 16 number system, and it consists of 16 digits that include ten digits 0 to 9 and six letters A to F. Every digit has a place value that decreases by factors of 16.

Why do we need to convert Decimal into HEX?

The main reason behind converting Decimal to HEX is to represent a long sequence of binary digits as a compact HEX number. Converting Decimal to HEX also makes it easier to read and write long binary numbers, additionally, it's used extensively in computer programming.

Converting Decimal to HEX

The first step in converting Decimal to HEX is to divide the Decimal number by 16. Then, write down the remainder to the left of your work area. If the remainder is greater than 9, we represent the number as a letter. The letter A, represents the number 10, B represents 11, C represents 12, D represents 13, E represents 14, and F represents 15. This method is then repeated until the quotient becomes zero.


Let’s take a look at an example of how to convert decimal to HEX. 
Step 1: Convert the decimal number 236 to HEX. 
Step 2: Divide the given decimal number 236 by 16: 236/16 = 14.75. And the remainder is 12.
Step 3: Now, we divide the quotient 14 by 16, again: 14/16 = 0.875, and the remainder is 14.
Step 4: Finally, the remainder sequence 14 and 12 represents the HEX number, i.e., 236(decimal) = EC(Hex). Therefore, the HEX representation of the decimal number 236 is EC.

Converting Decimal to HEX is not as complicated as it seems but it requires practice to become second nature. With the above steps and explanations, it’s easier to understand the process of converting Decimal to HEX and its usage. A solid grasp of Decimal to HEX conversion is important for computer programmers, as well as anyone working with long binary numbers, and it is always a good foundation to have in mathematics for those pursuing a career in computer science.




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